Contrapunctus @ BRICK LANE Gallery 2017 BRICK LANE Gallery x 陳海慈 :《對照》畫展

Preface 序

2017.4.8 - 2017.6.23

Liu Yichang once said, those vanished moments passed as if it is detached by a dusty glass that can be seen but not caught. Travelled through these connected moments, none of us can go back to the past. This dusty glass has become a reflection and introspection of moments. Time is always like this. Gone. Not gone. But it’s gone. Can be seen but not caught. I see Interlude dissolving through the membrane of this dusty glass and transforming into Contrapunctus.

Contrapunctus is another lifetime of Interlude. The true of life - sometimes it is just like the vagueness of haze that keeps you from the reality right in front. We can only see life from this once-real reflection after the time slipped away. We also see the real from the reflection. Painting paper is just like an interface, inspires those reflections from water into the real surface, let them become entity. An entity with soul. If Interlude is the story about exploration of inner-existence between moments, Contrapunctus is the reflection of story that explores inner-existence between moments.

劉以鬯說,那些消逝了的歲月,彷彿隔著一塊積著灰塵的玻璃,看得到,抓不著。走過當下與當下之間,我們都沒有回到過去的能力。那塊積塵的玻璃,成了當下的對照和倒影。時間總是這樣子的。走了。又沒走。卻走了。看得見,抓不著。我看著《當下之間》 穿越那塊積塵的玻璃。看它變成了《對照》。