Inkling of the heart - A solo exhibition of Mavis Chan 墨縈心跡 - 陳海慈個人作品展


Inkling of the Heart

a solo exhibition of Mavis Chan

Preface 序

2014.1.7 - 1.13

Time fleets past. As I stands still in a quiet moment and looks around, I see the hourglass of time sliding from one moment to the next. Spring has hardly arrived before it vanishes like the clouds. In my heart of hearts, I am shrouded in such maze and sorrow that defies reason. While I live in this bustling city, the emotions of my life are drifting light. They dart like ballet steps between light and shadows to the music of rustling leaves in autumn breeze. The touch of pointe is real in its faintness as it circles the air.  

The path of artistic creation is a solitary one and it is understood by few. Through colors and compositions, I paint these subtle emotions onto the paper with precision. Be it the senses and feelings of living, or the delicate words that fill the days, I paint them all onto the paper. Perhaps you will find those traces of and testimony to life at an unexpected corner of the composition. 

Painting has become an integral of my life and soul. I do not know what will happen to these paintings in 100 years; I paint life with abandon out of my love for the art. With the works featured in this exhibition, I hope to share my feelings about life and painting with my audience. I am deeply grateful for the support of my teacher and acclaimed artist, Mr Cheng Tin-hok, for the success of this exhibition. He has been the anchor and torchbearer of my journey through painting. Without his guidance and inspiration, Inkling of the Heart would not have become a reality. I would also like to thank those who have offered support and encouragement for my painting, especially my friends who have helped me with organizing this exhibition.

I hope these works will leave their traces in your mind as they live in mine.